The compression stocking myths

They’re hard to get on and off”, “they’re uncomfortable”, “they’re ugly”… we hear so many things about compression stockings. But what’s the truth? Let’s debunk some myths about compression stockings.

They can be uncomfortable

A properly fitted compression stocking should be comfortable. When you go to buy yourself a pair, make sure a specialized fitter takes your measurements and gives you the proper size. If a garment fits poorly and is too tight, you might feel constricted and uncomfortable.
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They are ugly

Compression stockings have gone a long way since they were first created and you can find a multitude of styles and colours specifically adapted for your lifestyle.
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Elderly people should be the only ones wearing them

Compression stockings are mainly recommended to treat patients with venous problems, which represents up to 30% of the population. However, there is a huge need for compression stockings as a preventive method to specific group considered at risk. This applies to frequent flyers, pregnant women, stationary workers, hair dressers, waiters, teachers, chefs and patients with a history of poor venous health. As they say, “prevention is better than a cure”.
Our For Who section explains more clearly the importance of compression for each group.

You need a prescription to buy them

Stockings that have a compression level below 20 mmHg can be purchased without any prescription. In the event where you need 20-30mmHg of compression or more, your physician should sign off a prescription.

They are hard to put on and take off

Compression stockings are a bit harder to put on then regular stockings. However, there are donning aids available to help you. Ask your fitter to show you easy donning techniques and, after a few tries, you’ll don your stockings effortlessly.